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AS15 Miscellaneous Instruments









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Miscellaneous Instruments

AS15-001 Maloney Intraoperative Keratometer
AS15-002 Jones Towel Clamp 
AS15-003 Backhaus Towel Clamp
AS15-004 Serrefine, Straight, Small Size
AS15-005 Serrefine, Straight, Large Size
AS15-010 Surgical Mallet, Polished Finish
AS15-011 Kerrison Rounger, Size 0, 3mm Wide
AS15-012 Surgical Chisel
AS15-013 Belz Lachrymal Sac Rounger
AS15-014 Tenzel Double Ended Periosteal Elevator
AS15-015 Bunge Evisceration Spoon, Small Size
AS15-016 Bunge Evisceration Spoon, Large
AS15-017 Wells Enucleation Spoon
AS15-018 Eye Shield Small
AS15-019 Eye Shield Large
AS15-020 Carter Sphere Introducer