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AS8 Manipulators, Hooks & Spatulas



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Intraocular Lens Hooks

AS8-019 Bechert Nucleus Rotator, Angled
AS8-020 Fenzl Hook, Angled
AS8-020T Fenzl Hook, Angled, Titanium
AS8-021 Fenzl Hook, Straight
AS8-021T Fenzl Hook, Straight, Titanium
AS8-022 Kuglen Hook, Angled
AS8-023 Kuglen Iris Hook, Straight, 
AS8-023T Kuglen Iris Hook, Straight, Titanium
AS8-024 Lester Lens Manipulator, Angled
AS8-024T Lester Lens Manipulator, Angled, Titanium
AS8-025 Lester Lens Manipulator, Straight
AS8-025T Lester Lens Manipulator, Straight
AS8-026 Lewicky Hook, Angled
AS8-026T Lewicky Hook, Angled, Titanium
AS8-028 Rentsch Boat Hook, Straight 
AS8-028T Rentsch Boat Hook, Straight, Titanium
AS8-029 Hirshman Iris Lens Spatula, 10mm Angled Tip
AS8-030 Sinskey Hook, Angled
AS8-031 Sinskey Hook, Straight
AS8-031T Sinskey Hook, Straight, Titanium
AS8-032 Reverse Sinskey Hook
AS8-032T Reverse Sinskey Hook, Titanium


Iris Hooks/Retractors

AS8-040 Iris Hook, 1.0mm, Angled
AS8-041 Iris Hook, 1.0mm, Straight
AS8-042 Iris Hook With A Ball Tip, Angled
AS8-043 Iris Hook With A Ball Tip, Straight
AS8-047 Tyrell Iris Hook
AS1-201 Graether Micro Iris Retractor Collar Button, Straight
AS1-202 Graether Micro Iris Retractor Collar Button, Angled
AS1-203 Disposable Iris Retractors, 1  pack of 4 pcs (4 retractors) 
AS1-205 Disposable Iris Retractors, 1 pack of 5 pcs (5 retractors)
AS1-207 Reusable Iris Retractor, 1 pack of 6 retractors in Teflon container


Muscle Hooks

AS8-050 Jameson Muscle Hook
AS8-051 Jameson Muscle Hook, Small
AS8-055 Delicate Muscle Hook, 8mm
AS8-056 Delicate Muscle Hook, 10mm
AS8-057 Delicate Muscle Hook, 12mm
AS8-058 Graefe Muscle Hook, Size 1 (8x1mm)
AS8-059 Graefe Muscle Hook, Size 2 (10x1.5mm)
AS8-060 Graefe Muscle Hook, Size 3 (10x2mm)
AS8-061 Gass Retinal Detachment Hook
AS8-062 Scobee Oblique Muscle Hook, 4.5mm
AS8-063 Stevens Curved Tenotomy Hook, 6mm
AS8-064 Culler Rectus Muscle Hook, 10mm Flatten
AS8-065 Green Strabismus Hook, 7mm Flattened 


Fixation Hooks

AS1-380 Double Fixation Hook, Sharp, Small
AS1-381 Double Fixation Hook, Sharp, Large
AS1-382 Twist Fixation Hook, Right
AS1-383 Twist Fixation Hook, Left




Iris Spatulas

AS8-100 Straight Spatula, 0.25mm Wide, 10mm Long
AS8-101 Straight Spatula, 0.40mm Wide, 14mm Long
AS8-102 Straight Spatula, 1.00mm Wide, 13mm Long
AS8-103 Curved Spatula, 0.25mm Wide, 12mm Long
AS8-105 Double Spatula, 0.50mm and 1.00mm Wide, 12mm Long
AS8-106 Double Spatula, 0.30mm and 0.50mm Wide, 12mm Long


Cyclodialysis Spatulas

AS8-120 Castroviejo Cyclodialysis Spatula, 1.00mm x 10mm Blades
AS8-121 Castroviejo Cyclodialysis Spatula, 0.75mm x 10mm Blades
AS8-122 Castroviejo Cyclodialysis Spatula, 1.00mm x 16mm Blades
AS8-123 Castroviejo Double Ended Cyclodialysis Spatula, 0.5mm x 10mm & 15mm Blades
AS8-126 Elschnig Cyclodialisis Spatula

Miscellaneous Spatulas, Dissectors

AS8-129 Castroviejo Synechiae Spatula, .5mm Semi Sharp
AS8-130 Paton Double Ended Spatula And Spoon
AS8-131 Castroviejo Double Ended Spatula And Spoon
AS8-132 Kimura Platinum Spatula
AS8-133 Keratoplasty Spatula
AS8-140 Corneal Dissector, straight
AS8-141 Corneal Dissector, curved
AS8-142 Lamellar Donor Insertion Instrument
AS8-150 Endothelial Stripper, Irrigating
AS8-151 Spatula-Guide for Corneal Endothelium Implantation