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AS5 Disposable Knives

Disposable Knives



Knife Description

AS5-STAB15 15 Degree Stab
AS5-STAB30 30 Degree Stab
AS5-STAB45 45 Degree Stab
AS5-CC20 2.0mm Clear Corneal
AS5-CC22 2.2mm Clear Corneal
AS5-CC24 2.4mm Clear Corneal
AS5-CC25 2.5mm Clear Corneal
AS5-CC265 2.65mm Clear Corneal
AS5-CC28 2.8mm Clear Corneal
AS5-CC30 3.0mm Clear Corneal
AS5-CC32 3.2mm Clear Corneal
AS5-CRES20 2.0mm Crescent
AS5-CRES22 2.2mm Crescent
AS5-CRES26 2.6mm Crescent
AS5-SP10 Side Port 1.0mm
AS5-SP12 Side Port 1.2mm
AS5-SP13 Side Port 1.3mm
AS5-SLIT13 1.3mm Slit
AS5-SLIT18 1.8mm Slit
AS5-SLIT19 1.9mm Slit
AS5-SLIT20 2.0mm Slit
AS5-SLIT22 2.2mm Slit
AS5-SLIT24 2.4mm Slit
AS5-SLIT25 2.5mm Slit
AS5-SLIT265 2.65mm Slit
AS5-SLIT275 2.75mm Slit
AS5-SLIT28 2.8mm Slit
AS5-SLIT285 2.85mm Slit
AS5-SLIT30 3.0mm Slit
AS5-SLIT32 3.2mm Slit
AS5-SLIT35 3.5mm Slit
AS5-MVR19 MVR 19g Vitrectomy
AS5-MVR20 MVR 20g Vitrectomy
AS5-MVRB20 MVR 20g Vitrectomy- Bent
AS5-TRAP1214 Trapezoid 1.2mm x 1.4mm
AS5-TRAP1416 Trapezoid 1.4mm x 1.6mm
AS5-TRAP1520 Trapezoid 1.5mm x 2.0mm
AS5-TRAP1822 Trapezoid 1.8mm x 2.2mm
AS5-TRAP27532 Trapezoid 2.75mm x 3.2mm
AS5-TRAP28532 Trapezoid 2.85mm x 3.2mm

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